Frequently Asked Questions



 Q What's up with the little bumps I get after waxing?
A) Sometimes, after waxing, the sebaceous glands become activated, thus pumping oil overtime. Communicate with your esthetician and she can discuss how to avoid this.
Q What about the sun or sun tanning booth?
A) Don't go the day before, day of, or 48 hours after your waxing treatment. Your skin is hypersensitive and it will burn.
Q Is waxing really painful?
A)Depends. Everyone's sensitivity and pain threshold is different. Your esthetician's technique and experience here are invaluable.
Q What if I am taking medications?
A) Certain medications make your skin hypersensitive such as Retin A, Acutane, AHA's etc. If so, waxing is not a good idea.  




Q) Why should I cleanse my pores? They just fill up again.
A) Your skin will be smoother, brighter and you'll feel great.
Q) If you get a facial your skin will break out. Is this so?

A) Usually no. Though, sometimes there is a lot of underlying dirt which can surface. If you are getting your facial for a special occasion then you might want to do it several days before. Facials are performed for various reasons.
Q) What can be done about the bumps on my face?
A) Those are probably deeply clogged pores. They can be oil mixed with dirt (blackheads) or just little bumps hardened oil (whiteheads). In any event, once these have been removed your skin will be smooth and brighter.
Q) Why should I use a moisturizer? My skin is oily enough, in fact it's too oily!
A) Using a moisturizer doesn't mean using oil. An oil-free moisturizer is a good idea.
Q) Is picking at my "zits" bad?
A) Yes, you can cause serious damage to your skin. Leave that to a specially trained esthetician. Special tools and techniques are used.
Q) How will a facial improve my complexion?
A) Facials not only de-clog pores, but they improve oxygenation and red blood cell delivery to your face, as well as improving muscle
tone to your face.
Q) Is my skin more sensitive before and during my periods?
A) /The blood vessels are dialated and closer to the surface of the skin. Therefore some people may be prone to being sensitive. You can wait until a few days after your period. 


Lash and Brow Tinting:

 A beautiful frame for your eyes is what lash and brow tinting is all about. Tinting is perfect for adding a more defined and dramatic look to your eyes. The eyes and brows are gently cleansed and the
tint color of your choice is selected.

There are a variety of colors to choose from. Some, simply enhance your natural color and then others add a bit more drama. The choice is yours! The tint is applied and allowed to set for a few minutes then it is removed.
Try this long-lasting tint for incredible results! What a wonderful way to enhance and beautify your eyelashes and brows. You will see spectacular results in only a few minutes. Really, that is all it takes. So throw away those old brow pencils and take the plunge. You will be glad you did!
Q) How long does it last?
A) Depends on each person, but usually about a month.
Q) Is this tint bad for my body?
A) No, it is FDA approved (make sure whoever does your tinting uses FDA approved tint!)
Q) When will I need to come back in?
A) In about a month.
Q) Do I need to do anything in the meantime?
A) Just make sure your brows are perfectly shaped by waxing or tweezing. Waxing being the best, of course!